Mbohli Donald Khan

Donald Mbohli was involved in 'Projet Grands Singes' as the in-country coordinator from 2006 to 2022. All activities of PGS were transferred to the Cameroonian NGO APGS (Association de la Protection de Grands Singes) in 2022.

Research themes

  • Socio-economics
  • Impacts of conservation


I coordinate all activities pertaining to Projet Grands Singes (PGS) in Cameroon including welcoming national and international students, organising their work at the different sites, and ensuring successes and security; welcoming visitors and staff of Antwerp ZOO and Planckendael ZOO and its partners, organising their work. I implement conservation and developmental activities of Antwerp ZOO and Planckendael ZOO and its partners, ensuring success and good collaboration. I represent PGS in national activities including meetings, workshops, organised by the Cameroonian government (e.g. the Dja actors forum) and other national and international partners. I manage PGS staffs and equipment in Yaounde as well as at the different sites where activities are carried out and report to the project director. I contribute in setting up and planning the logistics of research work especially in the field. I oversee the collection of village-level data, including household surveys and bushmeat offtake data, etc. I also manage the PGS database in Yaounde.

Extra activities

Technical Advisor to Apas (Ape Assistance Cameroon) – agroforestry training school.

Research Interests

Socio-economics, and the impacts of conservation and development interventions on local communities.

Brief Biography

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from University of Buea Cameroon in 2005. I joined PGS in 2006 as the development coordinator, mostly coordinating conservation and developmental activities at the different field sites. While doing this, I registered for an online master’s degree programme in Project Management at the Atlantic International University USA where I obtained a master’s degree in project management. In 2012, I was appointed in-country coordinator of PGS and Awely.

Key Publications

Tagg N, Maddison N, Dupain J, McGilchrist L, Mouamfon M, McCabe G, Ngo Badjeck MM, Tchouankep M, Mbohli D, Epanda MA, Ransom C, Fa JE (2018) A zoo-led study of the great ape bushmeat commodity chain in Cameroon. International Zoo Yearbook. 52: 1-12; DOI:10.1111/izy.12175.

Eva Avila, Tagg N, Manfred A. Epanda, Donald Mbohli, Inge Luyten, Eva Avila, Nikki Tagg, Jacob Willie, Miguel Ángel Farfán, J. Mario Vargas, Wagner Bonat, Jef Dupain, Luc Tedonzong, Martine Peeters (2017) Interpreting long-term trends in bushmeat harvest in southeast Cameroon. Acta Oecologica (in press), 1-9.

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