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How did it start? How did it start?

How did it start?

Scientific research is in the DNA of Antwerp ZOO & Planckendael ZOO. Practiced and applied in our parks, in our foreign research stations and in our zoological research centre. That centre has become become one of the most progressive centres in the world since the official start in 2000.

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Research disciplines Research disciplines

Research disciplines

Our scientists and experts are leaders in their fields, which include genetics, animal behaviour, animal welfare, veterinary medicine and animal morphology. With this expertise we work together in research projects related to three main themes: animal welfare, nature conservation and basic zoology research.

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Who is behind it? Who is behind it?

Who is behind it?

We practice science in our parks day in, day out. Rather anonymously and behind the scenes. Who are we? What do we do? And why are we so interested in zoological research? Why is a scientific basis for the daily work in our zoo, and by extension in nature, so important?

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Green leaves for gorillas

Nutritious winter leaves for our animals are difficult to get. To find out whether more nutrients are retained by ensiling willow leaves than by current alternatives for feeding our gorillas, we have joined up with of Odisee University College.

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Corridors in Kerala

Our parks aren’t the only place where we do all we can to improve living conditions for Asian elephants. We also support expanding their territory in the wild. In India, we’re helping move farmers, so that elephants have free passage.

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