June 2019

Old World Monkey Workshop

GaiaZOO Kerkrade Hosted by EAZA, Old World Monkey TAG

This workshop provides the latest details on Old World Monkeys (baboons, macaques, langurs, meerkats). From field conservation to optimal nutrition and from enclosure design to animal training. Matthias Papies represents Antwerp ZOO and Planckendael ZOO.

September 2019

EAZA Annual Conference

Bioparc Valencia, Spain Hosted by European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA)

The EAZA Annual Conference is the biggest annual gathering of the European zoo and aquarium community, bringing more than 600 delegates together for four days of meetings, presentations, discussions and networking opportunities.

Wildlife Research and Conservation Conference 2019

Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Berlin, Germany Hosted by EAZA / Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) / WWF Germany

WRC2019 aims to foster an exchange of ideas between wildlife scientists from different disciplines. In addition, renowned external scientists will organise sessions and hands-on workshops, providing new perspectives on important topics.

October 2019

Course Introduction to Zoo Conservation Biology

Utrecht University Hosted by Antwerp ZOO & Utrecht University

This course module will be given by Zjef Pereboom and is a part of the Specialisation Programme Behavioural Ecology of the Master Environmental Biology at Utrecht University.

November 2019

Annual ZOO Science Symposium

Darwin Hall Antwerp ZOO Hosted by Antwerp ZOO Centre for Research and Conservation (CRC)

During this symposium we will present the results of ongoing research projects in which the CRC is involved.

Jacques Kets award 2019

Darwin Hall Antwerp ZOO Hosted by The Royal Belgian Zoological Society (KMDA) & The Royal Belgian Society for Zoology (RBZS)

A scientific award that is given to the best Belgian master thesis presentation in Zoology.

Biology Master Day

Darwin Hall Antwerp ZOO Hosted by The Royal Belgian Zoological Society (KMDA) & The Royal Belgian Society for Zoology (RBZS)

The National Master Day in Biology will introduce you to all Belgian Universities that organize one or several masters in Biology, so that futere master in Biology students can make a well informed study (and even career) choice.