Bonobo Research Network Symposium and CRC Zoo Research Symposium

14 & 15th of November 2018

Darwin Hall Antwerp ZOO

On Wednesday 14th of November and Thursday 15th of November 2018 the Antwerp Zoo Centre for Research and Conservation (CRC) will organise their annual ZOO Research symposium in Antwerp ZOO.

The programme on Wednesday 14th of November will be dedicated to a new initiative: the Bonobo Research Network. This is a consortium of all of our current, past and potential future research partners. The focus of this workshop is to discuss future possibilities for joint research activities research on bonobos in zoos in general, and in Planckendael ZOO in particular. During the open session each of these partners will provide a short overview of the focus their research on bonobos.

On Thursday 15th of November the symposium programme will provide an overview of ongoing research projects where the CRC is involved, and the screening of a film about the discovery of a new chimpanzee population in forest fragments of the Albert lake escarpment in DR Congo.


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Jacques Kets Award for Zoology 

17th of November 2018

The Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp and the Royal Belgian Zoological Society annually award a scientific award for the best Belgian master thesis presentation in Zoology. The Jacques Kets Award was first installed in 1953 by the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp to arouse the love for nature in young people and to encourage them to pursue a career in natural sciences.

The award was named after Jacques Kets, a naturalist and taxidermist from Antwerp who in 1843 became the first director of the newly established Antwerp Zoo. In 2007 the Jacques Kets Award was modified into a booster grant to give promising Masters students the opportunity to build upon their achievements, to stimulate them to pursue an academic career in zoology, and give them a head start in building a professional network.

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Since this year, the presentation of the Jacques Kets Award is linked to the Biology Master Day.

Benelux Congress of Zoology

14th and 15th of December 2018

Organized by the Royal Belgian Society for Zoology and the Royal Dutch Zoological Society, back-to-back with the FWO Kennismakers meeting @ZOO in Antwerp. Read more.