Education and training

Training professionals for the rapidly evolving field of Conservation Biology is essential for securing a future for our natural heritage. We achieve this by fostering science education and training as part of our strategic objectives. The CRC research team contributes to the education and training of students and young researchers in biology and veterinary medicine, and is actively involved in lecturing students at universities and colleges in Belgium and the Netherlands. We provide internships and (co)supervise student projects, and offer MSc and PhD positions in conservation biology and veterinary sciences. In an avarage year a total of 40 Bachelor and Masters students write a thesis as part of a CRC research project, and 8 PhD students work towards the completion of their PhD degrees. In addition, the CRC invests in building scientific capacity in developing countries by providing research training opportunities for Cameroonian, Congolese and Brazilian students and conservation professionals.

Primatology - with the University of Antwerp

Academic Year 2018-2019, October – December 2019 - Every Wednesday afternoon from 9 am to 12 am in Antwerp ZOO.

Contact: Jeroen Stevens

More information is available on Blackboard.

Introduction to Zoo Conservation Biology - with the UNIVERSITY of Utrecht

Academic year 2018-2019, October -  November 2018

Contact: Zjef Pereboom

This course module is a part of the Specialisation Programme Behavioural Ecology of the Master Environmental Biology at Utrecht University. 

Conservation Genetics - with the UNIVERSITY of Antwerp and UGent

For UGent: Academic year 2018-2019 2nd semester February-May 2019

Contact: Philippe Helsen

Voor UA: Academic year 2018-2019 2nd semester February-May 2019

Contacts: Zjef Pereboom and Peter Galbusera

This course module is a part of the Master Biology in Antwerp, Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration. More information will be available on Blackboard in 2019.

Measuring Behaviour
- with the UNIVERSITY of Antwerp

Academic year 2018-2019 - May 2019

Please contact Rianne Pinxten at the University of Antwerp.

BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY - with the university of Antwerp

Academic year 2018-2019: October-December 2018

Contact: Jeroen Stevens