International Okapi Meeting

Berlin Zoo, Germany Hosted by Sander Hofman

Every okapi living outside of Congo's nature is included in the international okapi studbook. The management of breeding recommendations can be divided into two area's. The European EAZA ex situ Programme (EEP) and the North-American Species Survival Plan (SSP). The representatives of every institution that deals with the international studbook and the representatives of the Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) in Congo itself come together once every eight years to discuss and evaluate the evolution and welfare of the population of okapi's that live in zoos and to evaluate the efforts the zoo community puts into preserving the wild okapi in the Ituriforest in Congo, and to set new goals for the time until the next meeting. The international zoo community has been a partner of the Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) in Congo for over 30 years now.