Toon Deswert

Toon Deswert works as a coordinator at the Antwerp Zoo Foundation (AZF), a division of the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp (KMDA). Since 2010, he has been dedicated to De Zegge Nature Reserve, a fenland area in the Kleine Nete valley. Succeeding Marcel Verbruggen and Bert Veris, he took over the responsabilities of the conservator of Flanders' oldest nature reserve.

Due to the growing challenges of drought and flooding in the area, his primary focus is hydrological restoration. He manages the implementation of projects and the nature management plan. To preserve the diverse transition and quaking bog habitats, adaptive peatland management is applied under the Interreg project 'Admire.'


  • Leverage Project Wet Nature (Blue Deal)
  • PSN Large Mud Loach
  • Interreg 'Admire'