ONLINE CRC Zoo Research Symposium

Online Symposium via MS Teams Hosted by Centre for Research and Conservation (CRC) van ZOO Antwerpen

Op 10 december 2020 organiseerde het Antwerp Zoo Centre for Research and Conservation (CRC) haar jaarlijkse ZOO Research symposium online.

Herbekijk hier de opgenomen sessies:

Session I – Primate Behaviour & Evolution

  • Emile BRYON - Comparison study of aggression patterns and frequencies in chimpanzees (pan troglodytes) and bonobos (pan paniscus) in a food related context
  • Jonas TORFS - Individual measures for social tolerance in bonobos and chimpanzees: investigating the role of age, sex, and social network position
  • Kim VERMEULEN - Comparing social tolerance in the Pan species: social relationships predict who feeds together in chimpanzees and bonobos

Session II - Animal Welfare & Health

  • Jonas VERSPEEK - Measuring acute stress using urinary and salivary cortisol in captive bonobos
  • Mélodie KREYER - What faecal analyses reveal about Manniophyton fulvum consumption in LuiKotale bonobos: a medicinal plant revisited
  • Francis VERCAMMEN - Renal disease in slender-horned gazelles (Gazella leptoceros) of Planckendael

Session III - Wildlife Ecology & Conservation

  • Olivier DURIEZ - Species restoration in a changing landscape: mapping suitable habitat for cinereous vultures (Aegypius monachus) to guide conservation actions
  • Steffi DEKEGEL - Golden-headed lion tamarins at risk of climate change: A case study within the framework of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) for Global Biodiversity
  • Johan DIEPSTRATEN - Assessing the drivers of soundscape structure along a gradient of disturbance in southeast Cameroon
  • Jacques KEUMO - Trends in wildlife abundance and functional diversity in a landscape conservation zone of Cameroon
  • Julia VAN PLATERINGEN - Human-wildlife coexistence: a case study in Southeast Cameroon
  • Gust BOITEN - Demographic structure and functional traits of forest understory plants along a defaunation gradient

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